Annuaire Equipe Revest

Team's directory

Unless otherwise specified, add 05 57 57 before the phone number. All email addresses are composed in the same way :

NameFirst namePhoneFaxOffice numberPresence
BAZ Elena    
CATHALA Adeline 3758  
DI FRANCO Nadia    
DRUTEL Guillaume 3694  
GREL Agnès 3676   B29
HOANG-CHAUHONG Joelle 3675  
LACARRIERE Valérie 3693   B39 (Rez-de-chaussée)
LALANNE Valerie    
MENNESSON Marie 3693   B39
RAUX Pierre Louis    
REVEST Jean-Michel 3672 / 3678  
ROBERT Eléa    
SPAMPINATO Umberto 3757  
TOMASELLI Giovanni    
VALLEE Monique 3666   B29-RDC