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27/11/2019 10h00
Valentine LE GALL from Herry's lab will give a presentation entitled "What is the role of the prefrontal cortex in the selection of innate fear responses ?".

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Cyril Herry, an influential researcher!

Thanks to the 5200 citations of his work, Cyril Herry appears in the ranking Clarivate Analytics of the most influential researchers in the last 10 years. This ranking is based on data and analysis through ralises bibliomtriques experts from the Institute for Scientific Information Web of Science Group. The Web of Science Group recognizes 6 216 scientists who have demonstrated significant influence your product using their peers by publishing numerous articles that rank among the 1% most cits per domain per year. The analysis covers the period 2008-2018. Only 10 other researchers from Inserm and 4 others from the University of Bordeaux are included in this ranking. Congratulations Cyril!

Thomas Bienvenu has just won a coveted CCA-Inserm-Bettencourt position. This position allows young doctors finishing the internship and holders of PhDs in health and science, to carry out a research project within the framework of their clinicat within a team of research. He will be able to share his time between his clinical activity in the service of Professor Bruno Aouizerate and his research activity in the team of Cyril Herry. On this journey, Thomas Bienvenu is now participating in the coordination of École Santé-Sciences of the University of Bordeaux.

The LabEx BRAIN Management Committee evaluated and selected, on Friday, July 5, the thesis welding scholarships. 12 applications had been submitted.

Ashley Castellanos Jankiewicz (Team Cota - Role of hypothalamic bile acid-TGR5 receptor signaling in the regulation of energy balance) and
Nanci Winke (Team Herry - Neuronal circuits involved in the emotional modulation of pain behavior) are among the winners!

31/10/2018 11h00
Daniel JERCOG from Herry's lab will give a presentation entitled "Dynamic population coding of avoidance behaviour".

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ANR : et les lauréats 2018 sont...

5 projets de recherches retenus par l'ANR dans le cadre de l'appel à projets générique 2018 (et 4 en liste complémentaire). Bravo aux équipes du centre et en particulier à Nathalie Sans, Daniela Cota, Giovanni Marsicano, Cyril Herry, Cyril Dejean et Xavier Leinekugel. On croise les doigts pour Daniel Voisin, Émilie Pacary, Gwendal Le Masson et Luigi Bellocchio.

30/05/2018 11h00
Suzana KHODER from Herry's lab will give a presentation entitled "A prefrontal-brainstem circuit mediate avoidance behavior"

Fabrice Chaudun a reçu le Prix "Sciences de la vie et de la santé" de l'Université de Bordeaux pour ses travaux sur les mécanismes neuronaux qui contrôlent les comportements liés à la peur dans l'équipe de Cyril Herry.

Cyril Herry et son équipe ont découvert les circuits neuronaux impliqués dans la discrimination contextuelle, grâce à un nouveau protocole comportemental, et à l'utilisation de l'optogénétique. Leurs résultats sont publiés dans « Neuron ».

Prefrontal-Periaqueductal Gray-Projecting Neurons Mediate Context Fear Discrimination.
Robert R. Rozeske, Daniel Jercog, Nikolaos Karalis, Fabrice Chaudun, Suzana Khoder, Delphine Girard, Nânci Winke, Cyril Herry. Neuron. Volume 97, Issue 4, p898-910.e6, 21 February 2018

The laboratory of Neuronal Circuits of Associative Learning at the University of Bordeaux, Neurocenter Magendie (INSERM U1215), France (, is seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our team dedicated to identifying the neuronal circuits mediating fear behavior. Our main focus is to identify the neuronal circuits, mechanisms and coding scheme of active and passive fear reactions using state of the art in vivo recordings approaches coupled to optogenetic and behavioral manipulations.
The candidate should have a strong motivation to succeed in science as well as excellent organizational and communication skills. Experience with in vivo single unit recordings and/or in vivo imaging and signal analyses is very welcome. Qualified applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Neuroscience or related field.
Candidates should submit their CV and a one page cover letter outlining their research interests, along with contact information for at least two references, to Dr. Cyril Herry ( Review of applications will start immediately and continue until the position is filled.