Services Plateforme Transcriptome

Platform provides an intuitive software for Gene Expression Analysis: GEASE

Objectives of GEASE

Microarrays, ddPCR and qPCR data analysis
The follow-up data of RNA, cDNA ans qPCR samples
Offering primers library from 4000 primers (rat, mouse, human...)

Services offered

Nucleic acid and protein extraction
Nucleic acid quantification
Total RNA quality control
cDNA synthesis with quality control (protocols adapted to RNA quantities)
Design and validation of PCR primers (More than 6500 pairs of primers for different species)
Quantitative PCR (qPCR) with the chemistries SybrGreen or Taqman probes (gDNA, cDNA, micDNA)
ddPCR with Evagreen chemistry (Absolute quantity)
Selection of the appropriate controls for the qPCR and ddPCR
PCR on unique cell (from patch clamp, cell sorting, laser microdissection...)

Different protocols (from RNA to the qPCR reaction) are designed for small (microdissected brain structures plateforme de microdissection laser or large materials.

We propose you various services :

Full service performed by ourselve
Training to techniques and provision of the Platform equipment

Contact us for more details (proposed services, prices...).