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OptoPath is an innovative platform entirely dedicated to research in experimental psychopathology in rodents and humans.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic expansion of four neuropsychiatric disorders: addiction, obesity, anxiety disorders and age-related memory deficits.

These pathologies are frequent and associated with complex behavioral disorders.

Funded as part of the EquipEx program of "Investissements d'Avenir", the OptoPath research platform aims to contribute to the development of new therapies against these psychopathologies.

For this purpose, thanks to custom-designed equipment, it aims to perform cutting-edge research on the neurobiological mechanisms of these behavioral disorders. In particular, it offers a unique opportunity for collaborative research on common mechanisms to these four types of pathologies.

Indeed, at the origin of its development, the platform has 8 academic research groups that are experts in one or other of these pathologies and who share common approaches to understand the neurobiological mechanisms.

In the development of this platform, the academic teams benefited from the partnership of 2 industrial partners (IMETRONIC and SERVIER).

In addition to its main objective, which is research on the pathophysiological mechanisms of addiction, obesity, anxiety disorders and age-related memory deficits, other missions of OptoPath are:

Team members

Véronique Deroche-Gamonet
Project Coordinator

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