Outils plateforme Bioinformatique



Inventory hosted transgenic animals and products to the pet store
Manage the crossings (monitoring of couplings and births, genotyping of animals, genealogy tracking, request for euthanasia)
Manage the booking of animals online, the output demand experimentation by users of teams
Automatically generate the register of animal inputs and outputs and thus monitoring and traceability of animals at any time



Gease (Gene Expression Analysis Software Environment) is a database server application for storing, managing and analyzing high-throughput transcriptomic data (GeneChip microarray, qPCR) :
Storage of biological data
Management and monitoring of samples (LIMS)
qPCR data processing (graphic plates plans), normalization and comparison (fold change)
Integration of interspecies relationships (Orthologs based HomoloGene NCBI database)
Interactive construction of complex queries modulating the cut-offs for several parameters (log ratio, detection and pvalue variation) and combining criteria with logical operators
Scoring script that updates daily the identifiers of genes (gene name, chromosomal location, ontology, ...) from the NCBI banks

Intranet modules


Inserm staff database
Health and safety data sheets
Semi-automated update of the Neurocentre bibliographic database
Vacations request and validation management
Declaration of lone workers / extra work
Booking of rooms and equipment
Store (office supplies, informatic hardware...), and orders management
Billing management

Programs way


Excel macros (Visual Basic), Realization of statistical tables and graphs from raw data
Electrophysiology (Spike 2) Detection of spiked / bursts, and calculating statistics
Macros and Plugins ImageJ, image file analysis, detection of nuclei / cells, measurement and image retrieval