Histoire plateforme Biochimie

The story

In 2005, a common technical platform of Biochemistry was established due to a structural desire to Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute (IFR8). This project, led by Françoise Coussen (CNRS), has led to the consolidation of major equipment required for biochemical experiments. Thanks to funding from the Aquitaine Region, the Biochemistry Technical platform was structured and efficient new common equipment necessary for the practice of biochemistry experiments have been purchased in 2006/2007.

In 2010, thanks to funding Préciput of Bordeaux University and INSERM financing obtained by Nathalie Sans, a new ultracentrifuge was introduced on the Technical Platform. But it is in 2011 that the project "Platform of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Proteins" worn by Nathalie Sans (Neurocentre Magendie, INSERM U1215) and Matthieu Sainlos (IINS, CNRS5297) has been possible thanks to LABEX BRAIN. The existing equipment was upgraded and other innovative materials and technologies have been introduced to allow teams of Bordeaux Neurocampus realize more ambitious projects. Since late 2013, a design engineer working on the "Platform of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Protein" creating a structure to respond to requests for users services in the areas of production and purification of proteins and study 'biomolecular interactions. This engineer is also responsible for training and advising users on different equipment.

In 2015, the management committee of the "Biochemistry and Biophysics Platform Proteins" has been revised and now comprises Françoise Coussen and Etienne Herzog (IINS), Mélanie Ginger, Catherine Bennetau and Jean-Michel Revest (Neurocentre Magendie), Eric Boue-Grabot and Benjamin Dehay (IMN), Véronique De Smedt (NutriNeuro) and Maurice Garret (INCIA).

The "Platform of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Proteins" is available to all to meet the needs of the scientific community of Bordeaux Neurocampus. In fact, almost all the teams in the Institut François Magendie (INSERM U1215 & UMR CNRS 5297) use the facilities of the "Platform of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Protein", as well as laboratory CNRS UMR 5293 and INRA UMR 1286.

Users and services

In 2014, the facilities of the Platform were used in total more than 2,100 times per 88 people in 18 teams of 5 institutes.

  • NCM U1215
  • P. V. Piazza
  • A. Frick
  • G. Marsicano
  • D. Cota
  • M. Moncouquiol/N. Sans
  • N. Abrous
  • S. Oliet
  • IINS UMR5297
  • D. Choquet
  • L. Groc
  • O. Thoumine
  • Y. Humeau
  • C. Mulle
  • M. Landry
  • NutriNeuro UMR1286
  • S. Layé
  • V. Pallet
  • IMN UMR5293
  • E. Bezard
  • E. Boué-Grabot
  • INCIA UMR5287
  • M. Cador

Institutes and platforms that have occasionally used equipment :

Since the end 2013, 18 services were realized by the staff of the Platform of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Proteins.