Pr├ęsentation Plateforme Chimie analytique


The Analytical Chemistry Platform (PCA) provides a support in analytical chemistry mainly through chromatography and mass spectrometry. This platform, unique in France, provides a range of state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment allowing the development of any project in Neurosciences involving cannabinoids, neurosteroids and some neurotransmitters such as the glutamate and GABA. These analyses can be performed within the scope of the department research projects, with outside partners or as services.

The Analytical Chemistry Platform, located at the ground floor of Magendie Neurocentre, includes two independent laboratories, a chemistry laboratory for sample preparation and an analysis laboratory equipped with instruments for the quantitative determination of analysed compounds.


Chromatograms examples obtained for the analysis of endocannabinoids, neurosteroids and neurotransmitters (from left to right).

Chemistry laboratory: sample preparation

This laboratory is equipped with the whole experimental device necessary for the preparation of samples to be analyzed such as a tissue lyser, an ultrason homogenizer, two hoods with heating evaporators under nitrogen flow, a device of solid-phase extraction (SPE), an analytical balance and a cooled centrifuge.
The chemistry laboratory is dedicated to extraction and purification of analysed compounds. The extraction procedures developed, liquid-liquid for endocannabinoids, solid phase for neurosteroids, protein precipitation for neurotransmitters, allow the separation of the compounds from biological matrices (brain, peripheral tissues, plasma) on the basis of their chemical or physical properties.

Analysis laboratory: sample analysis

This laboratory is equipped with the state of the art chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment:

º A liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer LCMSMS TSQ Quantum Access (ThermoFisher) allowing high sensitive, selective and specific cannabinoids quantification.

º A gas chromatography mass spectrometer GCMS-QP2010 (Schimadzu) allowing a high sensitive, specific and selective quantification of neurosteroids.

º A gas chromatography mass triple spectrometer GCMSMS-XLS Ultra (ThermoFisher) providing a higher sensitive, specific and selective quantification of a large spectrum of neurosteroids.

º A Capillary Electrophoresis (P/ACE MDQ, Beckman Coulter) coupled to a laser (410 nm)-induced fluorescence detector (ZETALIF Discovery, Picometrics) allowing high sensitive quantification of neurotransmitters and amino acids.


Team members

Ilaria Belluomo
Research assistant
Isabelle Matias
Head of the platform