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Benjamin Robert reçoit un financement LABEX BRAIN 2016 « PhD extension Grant »

Nathalie Sans (Equipe Montcouquiol-Sans), Lauréate ANR 2016 avec le projet NanoPlanSYN

Projet NanoPlanSYN : Rôle de la voie de signalisation de la polarité planaire dans l’organisation dynamique de la synapse et l’intégration de l’information synaptique: des mécanismes fondamentaux aux conséquences pathophysiologiques

Mireille Montcouquiol reçoit un financement LABEX BRAIN 2016 Recherche pour le projet PCP COMPASS en collaboration avec Vincent Studer

Development and plasticity of the nervous system critically depends on the neuronal cytoskeleton. The organization and dynamic remodeling of the neuronal cytoskeleton contributes to all morphological and functional changes in neurons, including migration, polarization, axon outgrowth, dendrite development and synapse formation. The neuronal cytoskeleton provides tracks for intracellular transport, sets up local cues to position organelles, acts as a signaling device and generates cellular forces that are fundamental to all aspects of neuronal function. Cytoskeleton remodeling and axonal trafficking have emerged as one of the most exciting and rapidly moving fields in cellular neurobiology. This field is experiencing a revolution in molecular, genetic and imaging technologies for analysing the dynamics of these processes during neuronal development and plasticity. The study of the molecular mechanisms of cytoskeletal dynamics and neuronal trafficking are also key to understanding what goes wrong in many neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases.

With participation of Mireille Montcouquiol

27/04/2016 12h00
Steve DOS SANTOS CARVALHO from Montcouquiol-Sans's lab will give a presentation entitled "Vangl2 affects neuronal outgrowth through regulation of actin dynamics" Seminar at the PGF room!

28/10/2015 12h00
Jerome EZAN from Montcouquiol-Sans's lab will give a presentation entitled "Genetic dissection of Scrib1 functions during forebrain development, impact on animal behaviour"

25/09/2015 11h30
Prof. Juan Burrone

Meeting room: CGFB (Centre de Genomique Fonctionnel) Seminar room

from MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, King's College London's lab will give a presentation entitled 'Neurons, synapses and the axon initial segment: location matters'

Invitant : Mireille Montcouquiol & Laurent Groc