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30/11/2018 11h30
Charles Nicholson
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Lieu: Amphi Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine

From New York University / NYU Langone Health / Neuroscience Institute

The goal of our work is to understand how molecules move through the extracellular microenvironment and describe the relevance of this process for nonsynaptic signaling and the management of brain pathologies, such as Parkinson disease and ischemia.

We study diffusion using a method based on tetramethylammonium-selective microelectrodes and found that: 1) diffusion in brain tissue is described with a modification of the Fick principle, 2) hindrance by cellular obstructions reduces the apparent diffusion coefficient by a factor of 2.6 compared to the coefficient in water, and 3) molecules diffusing in the brain extracellular space move in a compartment that is 21% of the brain volume.

Another area on which we focus is the role of nonlinear uptake in dopamine's movement in striatum. The radius of action of a nonsynaptic agent depends on the interplay between diffusion and active uptake. We investigate dopamine1s behavior in the neostriatum using fast-scan cyclic voltammetry and carbon fiber microelectrodes following controlled iontophoresis from a point source. We find that nonlinear uptake, obeying Michaelis-Menten kinetics, primarily determines the distribution of dopamine in this brain region....

Invitant : Valentin Nägerl / Laurent Cognet / Laurent Groc, Valentin Nägerl: IIINS , team leader: Synaptic Plasticity and Super-Resolution Microscopy

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2018/charles-nicholson.html

Lieu: Neurocentre Magendie Seminar room

from Research Center on Animal Cognition's lab will give a presentation entitled 'Searching for the neural bases of non-elemental learning in a miniature brain'

DR CNRS / Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale - UMR 5169 Team leader: Plasticité dépendante de l’expérience chez l’insecte (EXPLAIN) Research Center on Animal Cognition, CNRS - Université de Toulouse

Invitant : Nora Abrous / Team leader : 'Neurogénèse et physiopathologie' , DR Inserm / Neurocentre Magendie

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2018/martin-giurfa.html

Lieu: Amphi Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine

from Institut de génomique fonctionnelle de Montpellier, Department of Neuroscience's lab will give a presentation entitled 'RVM GABAergic neurons command enkephalinergic spinal neurons to act as gatekeepers of mechanical pain.'

Invitant : Pascal Fossat , Assistant Professor, Team: Central Mechanisms of Pain Sensitization and Anna Beyeler: Teamleader 'Neural Circuits of Anxiety', IINS et Neurocentre Magendie

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2018/amaury-francois.html

Lieu: Université, Agora du Haut Carré, Talenc

Point fort de l’année ! le « Neurocampus Day » avec ses 6 instituts de recherche, ses rencontres, ses échanges prometteurs , une journée riche en sciences du cerveau... Domaine du Haut Carré , Talence le Jeudi 17 Mai 2018

Du Neurocentre Magendie:
14h40-15h05 Anna Beyeler / Anatomical and functional organization of neural populations in the amygdala and insula

17h15-17h40 Luigi Bellochio (Equipe Marsicano) / Striatonigral mitochondrial CB1 receptors mediate cannabinoid-induced catalepsy

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2018/neurocampus-day.html

Lieu: Neurocentre Magendie Seminar room

Davide Amato will present his latest work on the role of D1 and D2 neurons of the nucleus accumbens in cocaine sensitization and cross-sensitization with antipsychotics. The study he will share was performed with single-cell calcium imaging in freely moving mice.

Invited by Anna Beyeler.

Pour plus de détails: https://www.fau.eu/alumni/research-alumni/research-alumni-interviews/interview-with-dr-davide-amato/

30/03/2018 08h30
16th SYNAPSE DAY MEETING, March 2018
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Lieu: Amphi Broca-Nouvelle Aquitaine

16th SYNAPSE DAY MEETING, March 2018

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2018/journee-synapse.html

20/12/2017 11h30
Freddy Jeanneteau

Lieu: Amphithéatre BROCA

TITRE: Longitudinal two-photon microscopy of the living brain to tackle cellular plasticity.

Static assembly of multiple cell types in the brain is not sustainable when physiological state deviates from homeostasis. Cellular networks must adapt to changes in the environment, aging and disease conditions. What can be learned from the dynamics of cellular networks assembly/disassembly? My lab uses in vivo 2-photon microscopy of the mouse brain to investigate the structural plasticity of cellular networks in normal living conditions and in various pathological states replicating human diseases. I’ll present 2 on-going projects for: (1) tracking the impact of stress on a cortical synaptic engram of motor learning, and (2) for studying the impact of status epilepticus on the remodeling of the blood brain barrier. The results unravel disease mechanisms and have implications for the design of new treatment strategies.

Lieu: Neurocentre Magendie Seminar room

Giovanni Marsicano from Endocannabinoid and Neuroadaptation Group's lab will give the PhD seminar series December entitled 'Cannabinoid CB1 receptor signaling in the brain: the where matters'.

Invitant : Bordeaux Neurocampus / NBA

Abstract :
Cannabinoid drugs (e.g. the active principle of the plant cannabis, D9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) exert several effects on the brain via the activation of the G protein-coupled type-1 cannabinoid receptors (CB1).

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2017/giovanni-marsicano.html

Lieu: PGF

Carmen Sandi will give a presentation entitled "Mitochondria and stress coping strategies" at 6 pm next Sunday 16th of July at the Ecole des Neurosciences / PGF for the Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme "Advanced Techniques for Synapse Biology".

Pour plus de détails: http://www.fens.org/Training/CAJAL-programme/CAJAL-Courses-2017/ATSB2017/

08/06/2017 11h30
Etienne Hebert-Chatelain
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Lieu: Neurocentre Magendie Seminar room

Etienne Hebert-Chatelain, Professor in University of Moncton (Canada), will give a presentation entitled 'Post-translational modifications to regulate mitochondria in physiopathological '

Invitant : Giovanni Marsicano, PhD , Neurocentre Magendie , Team leader: Group "Endocannabinoids and Neuroadaptation"

Pour plus de détails: http://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/fr/manifestations-scientifiques/seminaires-2017/etienne-hebert-chatelain.html