Agenda & Actualités

25/02/2011 12h00
Mathilde METNA Mathilde METNA from Marsicano's lab will present her project entitled 'Bimodal control of fear-coping strategies by the endocannabinoid system'.

21/02/2011 12h00
Victor Borell Franco

Lieu: Seminar room

Vous êtes tous cordialement invités, étudiants, chercheurs, universitaires à assister à la conférence 'Mechanisms of expansion and folding of the mammalian cerebral cortex'. Une invitation d'Erwan Bézard.

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18/02/2011 12h00
Jerome EZAN Jerome EZAN from Montcouquiol's lab will present his project entitled 'Role of Scribble and Vangl2 in embryonic neuronal migration'

Le projet Equipex OptoPath, porté par Véronique Deroche-Gamonet, vient de recevoir 6 million d’euros. Collaboration entre sept groupes de recherche académique et trois partenaires industriels, c’est l’un des lauréats de l'appel à projets "Equipements d'excellence". Ces fonds seront investis dans le développement et l’association d’outils de pointe destiné à étudier, au plus près, l’activité cérébrale in vivo.

04/02/2011 16h00
Elena MARTIN-GARCIA Elena MARTIN-GARCIA from Piazza's lab will present his project entitled ''Involvement of CB1 receptor in cocaine self-administration behavior'

28/01/2011 16h00
Caterina CATANIA Caterina CATANIA from Cota's lab will present his project entitled 'An Endocannabinoids-S6K1 dependent signaling regulates the hypothalamic melanocortin system'

21/01/2011 16h00
Ciaran MURPHY ROYAL Ciaran MURPHY ROYAL from Oliet's lab will present his project entitled 'GLT-1 trafficking': I will give a brief outline of my project which focuses on the glutamate transporter GLT-1. This transporter, located specifically on astrocytes, is of physiological importance due to it's widely accepted role in glutamate uptake at the synapse. I will talk about what I have done in the first few months of my PhD as well as the experiments that I intend to carry out in the near future.

03/12/2010 16h00
Sarah DUBREUCQ Sarah Dubreucq from Marsicano's lab will present her project entitled 'Role of cannabinoid type 1 receptors in voluntary physical activity in mice'

26/11/2010 16h00
Fabrice TURPIN Fabrice Turpin from Oliet's lab

19/11/2010 16h30
Christelle DURAND Christelle DURAND from Sans's lab will present his project entitled 'Autism: Shank3 holds it together'