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02/11/2011 09h00
Luigi BELLOCCHIO Luigi BELLOCCHIO from Marsicano's lab will present the hottopic. Project: CB1 blockade and reduction of food intale: interaction between peripheral lipid sensing and central satiety signals

Lieu: Seminar room

A Blueprint for Neocortex

Every thought, every idea, every memory, every decision, and every action we have to make, arises from the activity of neurons in our brains. The results of some of this activity surround us: household objects, books, technology and art. Of all brain structures, the neocortex, which forms over 80% of the volume of the human brain is, arguably, the most critical structure to what makes us human. This is a paradox, because the local circuits of the neocortex, are assumed to be very similar in all mammals, from mouse to man. We have suggested that the neocortex is built of ‘canonical’ circuits that are optimized for a class of 'algorithm' that can be implemented for the full range of demands of behaviour, including perception, cognition, and action. Testing this hypothesis requires that we describe the blueprint and operations of the basic circuit – more easily said than done – but nevertheless we have made significant progress in describing in detail the circuit of the cat’s visual cortex. This work has already revealed some basic design principles and it suggests some of the basic computations that could explain the computational robustness of neocortex.

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26/10/2011 09h00
Blandine CHERIFI Blandine CHERIFI from Cota's lab will present the hottopic. Project: Effect of weight loss induced by surgery or lifestyle intervention on plasma endocananbinoids

Lieu: Seminar room

David Robbe
PhD. Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS)Barcelona,Spain
'Paradoxical effects of cannabinoids on cortical synchrony:
mechanisms and behavioral consequences.'

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19/10/2011 09h00
Pierre CARDINAL Pierre CARDINAL from Cota's lab will present the hottopic.
Project: Role of CB1 located in the VMH in energy and glucose homeostasis

19/10/2011 10h00
Laurence Talbot, Bio-Rad
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Lieu: Seminar room

eFocus | Proteomics

De 10h00 à 11h00 :
Le Bio-Plex, technologie Luminex : Solution complète et applications pour l’analyse en multiplexe (Laurence Talbot, Bio-Rad)

De 11h00 à 12h00 :
Laissez-vous inSPiRer par le ProteOn pour l’analyse des interactions moléculaires.
Exemple d’étude dans le cadre de la maladie d’Alzheimer. (Laurence Talbot, Bio-Rad)

Contact: Emeric Roux | Délégué Régional Sud Ouest France LSG Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd

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14/10/2011 11h30
Nicholas Dale

Lieu: Seminar room

Nicholas Dale,
'New mechanisms of CO2 and glucose sensing in the brain'
University of Warwick,Neuroscience Research, Life Sciences. Invitation de Marc Landry .

12/10/2011 09h00
Daniel Voisin Daniel Voisin from Oliet's lab will present the hottopic. Project: How autonomic responses to noxious stimuli affect the emotional component of pain through the insular cortex

Lieu: PGF Conference room

Suzuki et coll. (2011). Astrocyte-neuron lactate transport is required for long-term memory formation. Cell 144(5):810-23, présenté par Sophie Tronel (Equipe Nora Abrous, Neurocentre Magendie).

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Revue de presse
Les prix de la Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale 2011
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Prix Camille WORINGER décerné à Pier Vincenzo Piazza
Ce Prix provient d’un legs fait par Camille Woringer qui a souhai-
té encourager la recherche. Il a été décidé par la FRM que ce Prix
serait destiné à des recherches sur des maladies du cerveau.