The competition of the SVS doctoral school of the University of Bordeaux has given its verdict: the Neurocentre gleaned 4 of the 16 doctoral contracts. Congratulations to Mohamed-Lyès KACI (Eq. Abrous, Thesis Director Muriel Koehl) who ranks 5th, Emma MESGUICH (Eq. Marsicano, Thesis Director France Chaouloff) who ranks 7th, Pierre-Louis RAUX (Eq. Revest, Thesis Director Monique Vallée) who ranks 11th and Yifan WU (Eq. Beyeler) who ranks 17th. They will join the centre's teams from next school year.

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Congratulations to Maëlle!

Deroche Team:
Congratulations to our 2019 M2 student, Maëlle Guyoton, who just got a 4-years doctoral grant at the University of Geneva and joins the young team leaded by the talented Dr Sami El-Boustani who is laureate of the FNS Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships 2018 program (

Hosted in the historic heart of Bordeaux, EUROGENESIS 4th conference will cover several aspects of adult neurogenesis function and its related pathologies. It aims to highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary research for gathering innovative knowledge in adult neural stem cells biology, and will promote new opportunities for cross-border disciplines interactions.

A superb portrait of Ashley Castellanos Jankiewicz (Cota team) on the University of Bordeaux website.

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Congrats to Ashley who won the Young Investigator award from the European Society of Endocrinology
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