Cyril Herry's team of Neurocentre Magendie has identified 2 populations of nervous cells involved in emotional regulation.A discovery that could revolutionize the treatment of anxiety.

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Inserm: scientific facts
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Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology, psychiatry

Mireille Montcouquiol and Nathalie Sans 's team in the spotlight in the Inserm 2012's highlights with their work about Shank3 and autism: "Shank3 disregulates cognitive functions: Durand & al., Molecular Psychiatry, 2012 ; 17 : 71-84"

The work of Aline Desmedt (Equipe Marighetto) about post-traumatic type memory, a collaboration with Pier-Vincenzo Piazza in the spotlight: "Enfin un modèle animal de mémoire traumatique pertinent: Kaouane N. et al., Science, 2012 ; 335 : 1510-3"

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État de Santé : Sport et santé : sentez-vous mieux

Francis Chaouloff and Muriel Koehl on an LCP interview (at 19'20)

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For the 1st time, an Inserm (Bordeaux-Segalen University) and CNRS (Bordeaux-Segalen University's Neurosciences Institute)'s french team has shown that the lack of motivation for sport has also biological origins.
Some of us would be more sensitive than the other to endorphins released through physical activity !

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Stéphane Oliet and Thomas Papouin in 'La Recherche' journal
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How astrocytes control neurons

Considered accessories for a long time, astrocytes, predominate cells in the brain are actually needed. They regulate the storage of information and the transmission of nerve signals.

  Thomas Papouin Interview on neurosciences bordeaux   

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Sud-Ouest: Le sport plaisir
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Pour la souris, l'effort est une récompense.
François Georges et Francis Chaouloff ouvrent des voies pour soigner l'anxiété, la dépression et les addictions.

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Stéphane Oliet in Science & Santé
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The importance of the location

The goal of neuroscience is to discover the relationships between brain, behavior, and disease. Using the Brain Systems, Connections, Associations, and Network Relationships (brainSCANr) engine, you can explore the relationships between neuroscience terms in peer reviewed publications.

Synaptic and Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors Are Gated by Different Endogenous Coagonists Original Research Article
Cell, Volume 150, Issue 3, 3 August 2012, Pages 633-646
Thomas Papouin, Laurent Ladépêche, Jérôme Ruel, Silvia Sacchi, Marilyne Labasque, Marwa Hanini, Laurent Groc, Loredano Pollegioni, Jean-Pierre Mothet, Stéphane H.R. Oliet.