On Tuesday, March 19, the regional final of the My Thesis in 180 seconds contest was held. In the midst of a very high-level competition, two doctoral students from the university won prizes: Ashley Castellanos Jankiewicz won the 1st prize of the jury and a place to participate in the national semi-final!

Ashley's video presentation: https://youtu.be/GeMAWzEQS-4

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Demo PrestoCHILL/FlashFREEZE Microm
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This system allows a quick freezing and/or coating of the samples without isopentane and nitrogen, this dmo will take place on Friday 14/12 from 9h30 to 11h30 on the first tage in front of the caftria.

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Promotion !

Congratulations Claire Leger (Oliet team) who is promoted to the TS grade at the University of Bordeaux.

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Remittance of medals

Aude PANATIER receives her bronze medal from Nathalie Leresche (Charge de mission pour les Neurosciences, Institut des Sciences Biologiques du CNRS (INSB)) and Younis Hermés (Délégué Régional CNRS Aquitaine). more information here: https://youtu.be/D9BfK673oUE the video dedicates to Aude https://youtu.be/D9BfK673oUE