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20/02/2009 16h00
Dr. David Perrais Hottopics: Dr. David Perrais from Christophe Mulle's lab will present his project entitled "Properties of kainate receptors and their relevance to presynaptic function at mossy fibre hippocampal synapses"

05/02/2009 10h00
Véronique Deroche, Fernando Kasanetz, Giovanni Marsicano, Jean-Michel Revest,Francis Chaouloff, Nora Abrous, Emiliana Borrelli Symposium : "stress, addiction and eating disorders". 10h00 : Véronique Deroche Psychobiological bases of transition to addiction: Strategies of investigation 10h40 : Fernando Kasanetz Synaptic plasticity and transition to addiction 11h20 : Giovanni Marsicano Differential involvement of GABAergic and glutamatergic neurons in the endocannabinoid control of food intake 14h00 : Jean-Michel Revest Molecular basis of stress related memories 14h40 : Francis Chaouloff Stress, corticosteroids and neuroplasticity 15h20 : Nora Abrous Neurogenesis and anxiety 16h30 : Emiliana Borrelli Getting specialized: presynaptic and postsynaptic D2 receptors

30/01/2009 16h00
Luigi Bellocchio Hottopics: Luigi Bellocchio from Giovanni Marsicano's lab will talk about the "dualistic role of the endocannabinoid system in the regulation of food intake"

23/01/2009 16h00
Dr. Helge Ewers Hottopics: Dr. Helge Ewers from the lab of Daniel Choquet will present his project: "Cytoskeletal GTPases of the septin family in neurons"

16/01/2009 16h00
Dr. Fernando Kazanetz Hottopics : Dr. Fernando Kazanetz from the lab of Olivier Manzoni will present his project: "Cellular and synaptic correlates of cocaine addiction"